Installations notes

Hardware requirements

  • ATARI ST(E)/TT/Falcon or compatible.
  • Hard disc with at least 10 MB free disk space (recommended).
  • Modem (for Internet access).
  • High Speed Modem Driver (HSMODEM).

Installation of the package.
After downloading the package copy the TOS program into a directory on your hard disc, where you execute it. The program will extract three separate files (SETUP.ARC, SETUP.RSC and SETUP.PRG).

If you've downloaded the LZH archive, unpack it the files in the archive into a directory. These directory will then contain also the above files. For unpacking the LZH archive you need LHARC or the LZHSHELL.

Execute the program SETUP.PRG, and complete the installation. The program will lead completely through the setup process.


Installation of single components.
Unpack the components separately to a directory of the same name. You can execute them directly in these directories. For unpacking the TOS program copy the downloaded file to a same named directory and execute it there. The files are unpacked automatically into this directory.

For unpacking the LZH archives you need the program LHARC or LZHSHELL. With these programs you are able to unpack the archives.

Additional information for driver installation
If you've unpacked the driver into a directory named DRACONIS on the Boot partition of your hard disc, copy the program DRACONLD from the directory \DRACONIS\AUTO into the AUTO folder of your bootpartition.

After this configure your Internet access with the programs DRWIZARD.PRG or DRACCONF.PRG, which you will find in the DRACONIS\BIN directory.

Please listen to additional information's in the files LIESMICH.TXT or README.TXT.


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Last Change: 09/12/2001