Marathon Mail
Marathon Mail is the E-mail-Client of the DRACONIS Internet Package. It provides a easy to use and powerful transmission/receivement environment for messages in the Internet.

You can create the message completely within the program, including the attachment for files etc., or you can reply/forward incoming messages. 

With Marathon 2.0 there is now a highly improved Marathon Version available compared with version 1.7 there are signaficant changes in many points. In this version are many enhancements requested by users, to make Marathon 2.0 to more than a simple email client.

Of course there is still the functionality in Marathon 2.0 that was available already in version 1.7.

Additional there are above all functions, that makes the archive and management of messages much easier and more comfortable than before. But there are many new functionalities, too. This give the program the same ease of use and capabilities that are well known by programs for the PC or MAC.

Tree structure
It is now possible to manage messages inside a tree structure, like it is common in other mail programs. By the possibility to arrange messages in folders and sub folders it is now possible to create a structured organization. This makes it much easier to find a message again after a while. The tree structure can be easily handled with drag and drop actions, every folder may be restructured by simply moving it to the appropriate position. Also a message my be dropped easily on any entry to move it into a message folder.

Additionaly the tree structure is able to manage identities inside of the tree. Also identities are a new feature of Marathon 2.0. This allows you to manage different configuration profiles within one mailbox in the program. It may be different configurations for one provider or it maybe different configurations for several providers.


The old presentation of the mail folders are now called the favorite window, which may only contain the most important message folders. By the favorite window it is still possible to have a quick access to these important folders. The favorite window is of course fully configurable and you may decide which of the folders may be in it. This can be done easily by Drag & Drop too, or with the corresponding entry from the context menu. Also the favorite window may contain a reference to any identity to allow a quick access to the email account.

But there are also some improvements inside the editor. Beside smaller changes there are also additional functions, which make the creation of messages easier. I.E. it is now possible to undo every change by the UNDO function, but also it is now possible to load a text file directly into the editor and by the Find and Find & Replace functions there is now the functionality that is well known by word processing software.

To reduce seeking email address of a receipient of a message, the editor now is enhanced by a auto completion feature. This means, if you enter something into an address field of the editor the editor seeks for already known address and proposes you the best matching entry. This means that is often enough to entry only the first characters of an address and the rest of it will be completed automatically.


The integration of message filters, it is now possible to automate message processing. Filters may be defined for incoming messages or any other message folder. There are extensive possible conditions, but there are several action too, that may be defined. It is i.E. possible to move a newsletter automatically into a newsletters folder by simply defining one filter.

The POP-Window for message receivement is now improved by a toolbar, and can be now used like any other window in the program. It is now possible to define the action "Receive", "Delete" and "Receive & Delete" for any message and to execute this definition within a single step. It is now possible too, to check for messages in the background. This is most important in MultiTasking environments, where Marathon may be put in the background. If there are incoming messages during the online session they are automatically detected by the programm and you will be notified by a notification window or an sound file (AVR or a WAV file) will be played (PSG/DMA).

The Program provides the following features:

    • Easy to use user interface.
    • Fast access to the main functionalities by toolbars.
    • Support of Single-/Multi-TOS, MagiC, NVDI.
    • Gem conform.
    • Drag-/Drop.
    • Context menus


      Context Menus

    • Recent mail address are quickly selectable
    • Unlimited editing line length in mail header information (To:, CC:, Subject: ....).
    • Address book 

      Adress book

    • Separation in different mailboxes, which can be each also separated in different storage section.
    • Queue for outgoing mail, which allows an off-line and cheap creation of email messages.
    • ReTransmission support for messages.
    • Editing possibility of previous created messages.
    • Any wanted ascending/descending sorting of mail overviews.

      Arbitrary sorting of mail listings

    • Signatures.

    • Support of MIME messages.


      MIME messages

    • Possible to send file attachments.


    • Selective Mail download.
    • Simple and direct deletion of i.e. Spam emails in the server without a download of the message.

      Selektive receive/Spam

    • Reply/Forward of messages.

There are some other new functionalities:

  • There are now coloured links in the display of messages. By clicking on such a link a web site may be accessed directly or a message editor for an email adress will be opened..
  • Colored presentation of quoted text received in answered messages.
  • It is now possible to hide/show an coloum inside the message overviews of a mail folder. Additionally there are added some more marks for a message, now it is i.e. possible to see which messages are already replied.
  • Anlegen beliebig vieler Signaturen.
  • The definition of "External programs", allows to define programs that should be used, if an attachement is double clicked. In such cases the attachment will be directly sent to the program. I.E. a ZIP or LZH archive may be openned directly in the LZHSHELL or STZip. A seperate save onto the harddisc is no longer necessary (but still possible, of course)
  • With the new reply options (asked before you write a reply to a message), it is now possible to define the behaviour, how the reply should be done, and who may be the receipient(s) of the reply.
  • Support and proposales when entering an error. The program tries to give a hint when running on a known problem, which may be the reason and how the problem may be solved.
  • Dialogues

    The dialogues are now able to adapt itself to the underlying system. This means a MagiC user will now work with the normal dialogue elements which are available in any other MagiC supporting program. But on a normal Standard TOS system there are still the known 3D-Look of former Marathon v1.x versions. This gives the best comfort on any system.

Here are some pictures:




Find &







Marathon Mail is the mail client of the Draconis Internet Package and takes care about the complete creation, management, transmission and receiving of Internet messages. No other programs are necessary, except the drivers of the Draconis Package.

You can download your version of the Marathon.


© J. Heitmann

Last Change: 05/19/2002