The following downloads are available:

MintNet gateway
The MintNet gateway allows the usage of the Draconis clients "The Light of Adamas", Marathon Mail, Draconis-FTP and Draconis-Telnet under Mint with MintNet. The MintNet gateway is available for Mint users for free download (incl. source code).


Licence conditions
The MintNet gateway is published under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.






MintNet-Gateway 0.24c for Kernel-Version bis 1.15.x [tgz]



MintNet-Gateway 0.33b4 for Kernel-Version ab 1.16.x [zip]


Draconis download
Here you find always the latest versions of the Draconis Package or it's components. ( = Archive is temporary not available)








License Conditions





Installation notes










Setup packages




Draconis Drivers v2.0 Pl:2 [SFX][LZH]










Adamas - Web Browser v1.7 Pl:5 [SFX][LZH]
(incl. drivers)





Javascript Module v1.7 Pl:6 [LZH]









Marathon - Mail Client v2.0 Pl:8 [LZH] [ZIP]









Draconis FTP v2.0 Pl:1[LZH] [ZIP]










Draconis Telnet v1.7 Pl:4 [SFX][LZH]








Socket-Library for Pure-C/GFA v2.0 [SFX][LZH]









Draconis Desktop Icons [ZIP]



[LZH]/[SFX] = Archive with installer
[ZIP] = Archive without installer


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