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Here you find actual downloadable patches.

These smaller downloads fixes smaller known bugs or sthg. else in the programs of the Draconis-Package.

How to use the Patches
Please check your version number before downloading any of the patches. Refer to the Info dialogue of the program, compare it with the version number indicated for the patch and download the corresponding patch file.

Besides the patch you need the program to install the patch. This program is the same for all patches and can be downloaded below.

** DRCPATCH.PRG (12008 Bytes) (New 01/29/2001)
(Creates now a log file, this allow us a better support, if you have any problems)
** CRCTEST.PRG (5270 Bytes)
Create a check sum, to test the correctness of a file.

The program changes the data in the Draconis programs/files on your harddisc and stores a backup of the old files in the directory BAK.

Refer to the installation notes, how to install the patches.

Available Patches

Patches für Version 1.7 (Detailinformationen)
  From Version To Version Download CRC
Draconis Icon Editor 1.7 1.7 (Pl:2) DI17_02.PAT (11274 Bytes)


Draconis Icon Editor 1.7 (Pl:1) 1.7 (Pl:2) DI17_12.PAT (11256 Bytes)




Draconis Driver see download page.


Adamas Pro see download page.


Marathon see download page.


Draconis FTP see download page.


Draconis Telnet see download page.

Patches für Version 2.0
  Von Version Auf Version Download CRC
Marathon see download page.

!! Important Download Instruction !!
Sometimes it happens that the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape is displaying the file inside the browser window as a standard text file. To ensure that you have a correct download, click with the right mouse button on the corresponding entry in the above list and select the entry "Save as.." from the appearing popup menu.

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