The Draconis Drivers
The drivers of the Draconis package are necessary, for the communication between the ATARI (or compatible) and the called Internet node of an Internet provider.

This will be managed through the protocols TCP/IP and PPP, which are the most common used protocols in the Internet. With these drivers/protocols it is possible to connect to any standard Internet provider.

Beside the drivers and the dialer, there is also a configuration wizard included. This wizard provides you with an easy to use user interface, a fast and easy installation and configuration. For a detailed configuration there is also a detailed configuration program available, which allows also the setting of each special parameter.

The wizard allows an easy and fast configuration, of providers, which are included in the wizards database or providers that need a Windows® compliant configuration. Also a modem database is included to allow an easy configuration of your modem.

Here an overview over the driver components and their functionality


  • PPP Protocol support.
  • All TOS versions (Single-TOS & Multi-TOS), on all ATARI computers and compatibles with at least 1MB RAM.
  • Free modem configuration.
  • Centralized Configuration of all parameters (Modem/Proxies/Gateways...).
  • Fast and easy configuration by a configuration wizard.
  • Frequently actualized provider and modem database.
  • Supports PAP/CHAP dial-ins.


  • Driver for TCP/IP and PPP.
  • Internet Dial-Up (Executable as ACC or program).
  • Ping utility to check the connection.
  • Central Configuration program.
  • Configuration Wizard.

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  • Berkeley compatible Socket-Library (Pure-C) to create your own Internet applications (GFA in preparation).

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Last Change: 09/11/2001