Browser-The Light of Adamas
The Light of Adamas, the Web Browser of the Draconis Internet Package is a powerful and fast HTML-/Text- & Image-Browser. It allows the Off-line and Online browsing of webpages. Also it provides a excellent display quality of (GIF/JPEG) images, which allows also the usage as an image viewer.

The browser supports nearly the complete HTML 3.2 standard of the W3C consortium. Additional it is able to interpret special tags of the well known browsers from the Windows®-World. This includes i.e. scrolling text lines and spacing areas (Spacer).

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In the following you find a detailed overview about the most important technical data.

HTML properties

    • HTML 3.2 & ASCII. (HTML 4.0 about the end of 1999)
    • Integrated FTP access (currently only through a FTP proxy server)
    • Highly optimized and fast page format.
    • Background processing, which allows working (i.e. scrolling) during page calculation.
    • Real frames.
    • Tables.
    • Configurable cache.
    • Supports multiple provider configurations.
    • Supports some extensions (<MARQUEE>, <SPACER>) from well known commercial browsers (Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer).
    • Vector font support.
    • Switchable between ATARI and Windows ANSI-Font characters.
    • Scroll text.
    • Multi-Columns.
    • Very fast table formatting.
    • Optimized picture loading through Cache.
    • Highly tolerant in displaying erroneous HTML pages.
    • Large pages formatted in approximately 10 seconds! (TT)
    • History with the last 50 URLs.
    • Optimized display of pages, created with the HomePage Penguin (Matthias Jaap).
    • Possibility to save a page and all included elements (images, sound, etc...). Filenames can be converted to local files.
    • Modular Overlay-System.


    • Internal GIF and JPEG support.
    • Background images.
    • Animated GIF's.
    • Dithering for optimized presentation in all resolutions.
    • Display of images with optimized color palette.
    • Image scaling.
    • Image maps (Client-/Server sided).
    • GEMJing support.
    • Sound support (WAV/AU/SND/DVS).


    • Hotlist to manage your favorite URLs.

      (click on the picture for a detailed view)

    • Open overlay concept which allows the integration of any additional component i.e. Movie player etc..


    • Reliable functional under Single-/Multi-TOS, Magic, NVDI... .
    • Completely GEM conform.
    • All ATARI resolutions (2, 4, 16, 256, 32768, 65536 and more colours).

The Browser version is also supporting the execution of JavaScript-Code.

JavaScript (!!!don't confuse with Java!!!) is a Script language, wich may be included inside HTML pages. This allow web pages, i.e. to validate form entries, or it is also possible to create more multimedia featured web pages. It is i.e. possible to create more clearly arranged menu selection, information during mouse moves and many more.

The JavaScript module is realized as a modular object, which is only loaded, if the browser detect a page containing JavaScript. This decreases the general memory usage, and the memory is available for other usage.

The JavaScript supports currently the JavaScript 1.1 implementation of Netscape 3®, but there are already also some supported features, which are introduced with the Microsoft Internet-Explorer 4 . The JavaScript module supports embedded JavaScript code, which is embedded in the HTML page.

The Light of Adamas is the Web browser of the Draconis Internet Package. An access to the Internet is only possible with the drivers of the Draconis Internet-Package.


© J. Heitmann

Last Change: 09/11/2001