This Page contains freeware which can be copied to any Media, but any commercial use is prohibited (this includes not the publication on i.e. CD-ROM Medias with shareware or freeware collections).

  • Small Fractalgenerator[SFX][LZH]
    An early product of my first ATARI time. It creates fractal mountains and Mandelbrot fractal graphics.

  • Logbuch v2.0 [SFX][LZH]
    System utility, which records GEMDOS, XBIOS and BIOS calls very reliable. The specification of the calls, that should be recorded is very easy and the list of the system calls can be expanded easily for future/other TOS (compatible) versions without any problems.

    !!New -- Version 2!!

    1. Support of Mint, MagiC, KAOS, STEmulator....
    2. Mint functions added to the function list.
    3. Return values are now logged also (except some special functions).

  • Color emulator for SM124[SFX][LZH]
    Stable color emulator for the monochrome monitor SM124. Direct assembler programming provides an acceptable speed, which allows you to use colour applications with a SM124.

  • Header File Creator for Resource Files[SFX][LZH]
    This program was created due to the fact, that some Resource-Construction-Sets are unable to create the wanted header file. This program creates the necessary header file from the internal RCS file.

  • Small utilities[SFX][LZH]
    Programs in archive:
    1. STTME: AUTO folder program for clock settings.
    2. SYSINFO: Shows register and interrupt informations.
    3. BOOTDTCT: Alert boot sector accesses. (ST)
    4. SCRPRTCT: Screen saver. (ST - Read UTILITY.TXT)
  • Mouse speeder[SFX][LZH]
    This tools speeds up mouse movement, but it allows you still a pixel wise working.

  • Write protect[SFX][LZH]
    With these program you're able to write protect partitions on your harddisk. If there is a write access to a write protected partition, a message will appear and you can explicitly allow the write access.

  • Keyboard reset[SFX][LZH]
    This very small program installs the keyboard reset in ATARI computers with older TOS versions (i.e. 1.0 or 1.2). It enables a soft reset functionality using the keys CTRL+ALT+Delete or a reset with memory refresh with CTRL+ALT+RSHIFT+Delete.

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Last Change:09/11/2001