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Frequently asked questions
Here you find a collection of frequently askes question by the users. Maybe here you find some interessting information or one of your open questions.


  • What should I put into the Domain-Name and what is the meaning of it?

    The Domain-Name is normally the end of the main domain of your ISP, i.e. .provider.com (importent is the dot at the beginning). It is necessary for the antiquated gopher protocol, which is only used rarely. The only reason for this entry is the usage for resolving names by the Domain-Name-Service. It allows you to specify servers in the net by their simple name. I.e. if you put here the domain of your provider, you may enter the proxies/mail servers as in the following example:

    If the proxy name is www-proxy.provider.com you can enter:

    WWW-Proxy: www-proxy
    Domain: .provider.com

    The both parts are concatenated and resolved through the DNS.

  • After entering an URL in the Browser I get the message "Unknown Host" or "Unknown Proxy".

    If you connect to the WWW through a proxy you have entered a name in the proxy entry fields. Due to the fact that the browser needs the IP address to connect to the proxy, the name needs to be converted. This will be done through the Domain-Name-Server, but a resolve was not possible. The possible reasons are:

    1. You have entered a wrong proxy name.
    2. You haven't configured a Domain-Name-Server or the IP address of the DNS is incorrect.

    If you don't need to use a proxy, the reasons may be one of the following:

    1. The URL is pointing to a non-existent server.
    2. You haven't configured a Domain-Name-Server or the IP address of the DNS is incorrect.

    If the message only appears sometimes, it is highly probably "1".

  • What can I do, if my provider is asigning the DNS dynamically?

    The version before 1.5 are not able to work with a dynamic assignment of DNS IP addresses. If your provider is assigning the DNS IP address dynamically you need the Drivers, the Browser/Mailer of at least Version 1.5. (An evaluation of the current version, which is supporting dynamic assignment, is available for download. For dynamic assignment in version since 1.5 leave the DNS configuration fields empty)

    A bypass of the need to have a DNS configured is possible for versions earlier 1.5, if

    1. you access the WWW by a proxy.
    2. you enter the IP address of the proxy server.
    3. you enter the IP addresses of the mail & POP server.

  • How can I avoid a redithering of the images, when reloading a page?

    Instead of reloading a local page by clicking on the reload icon, which results also in a reload (unpacking/dithering of images) of everything inside the page, you can also use the URL history. Open it with the arrow right beside the URL line and select the top entry in the list (=it should be equal to the last opened page).

    This reloads the actual page, in comparision to a "real" reload the dithered and unchanged pictures are loaded from the cache. A meanwhile changed picture will also be reloaded.

    This result in a much faster reload process, which is interessting during the creation of HTML pages with a frequent layout control.

  • How can I import my bookmarks of Netscape on the PC or MAC into the Light of Adamas?

    Netscape puts their bookmarks practically in a HTML file named "BOOKMARK.HTM".

    This is a normal HTML file, which can be simply copied to the hard disc of your ATARI and can be used as a (local) start page, so you always get the bookmarks when starting the browser.

  • The Browser crashes!

    If the browser crashes, this may have several reasons. Maybe one of the following may help.

    1. Pro-Version 1.6 : Maybe the web page needs a newer JavaScript standard, which is not support yet, or is using Dynamic HTML. In such cases disable JavaScript at the Security page of the options and try it again.
    2. Version 1.6 : The page contain an Java-Applet! Unfortunatly there is a bug in the module NOVM.OVL in the Versions 1.6 and Version 1.6 Pl:1. This module is only a placeholder for the Java-Execution. Rename the module simply to NOVM.OVX (This bug is corrected in Patchlevel 2).
    3. Version 1.6 : The page contains background music! I'm afraid but the bug is also in the GEMJING.OVL. To fix this bug, simply update your package to patchlevel 2.
    4. It may be an errorneous HTML-Page, which may enter an unpredicted error in the Browser. In such cases, please send us the URL.

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