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DRACONIS-Patches Installation Notes!!!
For the installation of the patches, do the following.

  1. Download the program DRCPATCH.PRG. (If you've not already done it, or you have only an older version)
  2. Download the necessary patch files (Listen to the version numbers "from/to" and compare it with your current installation) and copy them into a directory on your hard disc.
  3. Start the program DRPATH.PRG from the directory DRACONIS\BIN and check the installation directories. Correct them if they are different.
  4. Start the program DRCPATCH.PRG.
  5. In the appearing file selector select the downloaded patch file (xxxx.PAT).
  6. The patch will be applied automatically.

If you've patched the driver files, DRACONIS.ACC in the root directory of your boot partition will not be patched automatically. Copy the files DRACONIS.ACC and DRACONIS.RSC after installing the patch manually again from the directory DRACONIS\BIN to the root directory (normally C:\).

Also you should reboot your computer after patching the driver files before the next dialin to your ISP, because the TCP/IP drivers and accessories are only loaded during the boot phase.

It is recommended to use only programs from the same patch level (if available, else you should use the highest/newest patch level).

© J. Heitmann

Last Change: 09/12/2001