Draconis is now under GPL
Since now Draconis will be under the GPL License and is availabe throught the Sourceforge web pages. You'll find details at

The sources and necessary information will be prepared during the next days.

Adamas 1.8 Pre-Release 26
This Pre-Release is a Release-Candidate of the final version 1.8. (See list of changes for details). Here are some screen captures done during testing. For installation you need an installed version 1.7, because the 1.8 files are only replacements or extensions to it. (68000 ) - (68030 )

MintNet Gateway 0.33b4
Exception-Handling (Correction for Adamas 1.8).

New Marathon & FTP Release
Since today there is a new release of Marathon 2.0 Pl:8 and DRACONIS-FTP 2.0 Pl:1 available for download. Mainly it fixes the problem that DRACDLG.SLB was not correctly unloaded with MiNT/MagiC. There is an installation package and a ZIP file for a manual installation available. (Marathon: ) (FTP: )

Draconis Driver for MagicPC v0.1ß
The first driver version for Draconis Programs running with MagicPC is now available. This offers a direct internet connection over the TCP/IP of Windows, which enables access over Ethernet, DSL and connections via Analog or ISDN modem (cards) also under MagicPC.

Marathon 2.0 Pl: 7
Memory management updated ( ).

MiNTNet functions for Draconis
In the latest driver packet there is now a first version of the MiNTNet- Compatibility- Layer included. This layer provides MiNTNet compatible GEMDOS functions, this allows programs linked with the MintNet-Library to access the Draconis-Stack.

Draconis is now freeware
Since now all of the Draconis Programs are available for free. The different programs are available at the download page. The development will be continued! In the past each update contained a collection of bug fixes to simplify the support. In the future updates will be available in shorter times, because version steps are no longer support orientated.

Influence further development!
Since now all known bugs and recommendation are collected here for the public. By giving your personal votes to Enhancements and Bugs you can influence the order in which the changes are made


Current Versions

Icon editor


v1.7 (Pl:2)


v2.0 (Pl:2)


v1.7 (Pl:5)


v1.7 (Pl:6)


v1.8 (pre26)


v1.8 (pre26)


v2.0 (Pl:8)


v2.0 (Pl:1)


v1.7 (Pl:4)


v2.0 (Pl:-)




Mintnet (mgw)
(Mint 1.15.x)


Mintnet (mgw)
(Mint 1.16.x)


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